Currently I’m not accepting new clients as my schedule is full and I’m working on writing a book. I am grateful for your interest and business and will keep you updated on the book release.

Do you have recurring problems in your life? Are you having difficulty in your relationships? Are fears and phobias controlling you? Would you like to have greater calm in your daily living? Is stress or an out of balance feeling keeping you from doing the things you want to do?  If any of these questions resonate with you, give me a call, they are just some of the things that can be helped with hypnosis. I sincerely want to help you find peace in your life and hypnotherapy can be a very useful tool to guide you to that place. I will work with you to help you search for the root of the problem(s) that you may be experiencing so that you can live as your true self.

If we are not respecting (acknowledging) our feelings, we tend to compound problems by adding extra layers. Everyone has that one drawer in their house or desk where everything gets tossed. Over time the drawer becomes a jumbled mess that we throw things in to avoid dealing with them. Then one day, you try to open the drawer and realize it is stuck because an item shoved way in the back is caught on something. Maybe you added one too many things and now the drawer just cannot open anymore. This is what happens with our subconscious mind.

Early in life, we develop ideas about things based on our experiences. These ideas generally stay with us even if they don’t make logical sense.  The subconscious mind loves familiarity, even when what is familiar is uncomfortable. One day something may come up that challenges what we know as familiar and then like the drawer, we get stuck too until we can clear those  feelings/ideas that do not serve a positive purpose in our life. The process of hypnotherapy will help clear out that “junk drawer” in your subconscious mind layer by layer and reorganize it so that what is there can be accessed and useful in a new, healthy way.

If you TRULY want to have change in your life, then hypnotherapy may be the answer you have been looking for.


Call me for a FREE consultation. I want to know how I can help you. When we have had a chance to talk and see if we are both comfortable working together, we can get started on your personal healing journey. I’m excited to be able to assist you in finding peace in your life

     Jennifer Riggs, Certified Hypnotherapist

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