About Jennifer

By practicing hypnotherapy I am able to use two of my many passions; artistic expression and helping people. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Art from The Pennsylvania State University (1995). How can an art degree help me as a Hypnotherapist? Art utilizes the creative part of the mind, which in essence can be applied to almost anything; by looking at things from many different angles. My artistic ability helps me to intuitively guide people through the hypnosis experience.

In 2011, as I listened to the inner call to help others, I became a Reiki practitioner. Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique that reduces stress, creates relaxation, and allows the body’s energy to move freely so that the system may be open to the possibility of healing. (See my Reiki website: www.reiki-healingart.com) I have since become a Reiki Master/Teacher. After practicing Reiki for many years, I had the desire to expand my quest to find personal healing for my own life. Through this searching, I found hypnotherapy. I have experienced and now know great healing changes in my life from my personal sessions with a very talented Hypnotherapist; who later became a mentor to me on my journey to utilize this modality to help others.

I earned my Hypnotist certification through OMNI Hypnosis in Deland, FL

I have completed three amazing courses taught by Randy Shaw (the above mentioned mentor!) and Matt Sison. These courses went into deeper concepts and how to successfully use them in my hypnotherapy sessions.

Regression Hypnotherapy: Advanced Concepts and Methods

The Power of Releasing Negative Feelings

The Pretalk for the Regression Hypnotherapist: Setting Up Success

I have also taken a course by Stephen Parkhill; Healing the Body Using the Mind. Parkhill was author of “Answer Cancer; The Healing of a Nation” and a pioneer of healing with the body/mind connection. This course helped me further examine how the mind and body are connected and how finding the root cause of a negative feeling or thought can bring amazing changes.

I am also a certified Emotion Code Practitioner. This modality utilizes the subconscious mind (like hypnosis) and muscle testing to identify emotional energy that may be trapped in your body. Trapped emotions can have negative effects on a person, and using the Emotion Code to release that energy can help improve many aspects of one’s life.

Give me a call and let’s talk about what is going on in your life and what you would like to see improved. I look forward to talking with you soon and getting you started on your journey towards peace and clarity.

See my contact page to get in touch with me for questions or to make an appointment.