What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a process that allows you to work with your subconscious mind (the feeling mind) to discover your true feelings about situations in your life. Feelings are always stronger than thoughts and when we have intense feelings about something, we often lose our clarity. The emotions overpower our common sense and cause us to do or say things we may not really want to as a defense. By reaching the real feelings inside  and by acknowledging them, then releasing them, you will be able to find clarity which will assist you in moving forward from patterns you may have been trying to work around all of your life.

This is LIFE CHANGING. How do I know? Because my own life has changed as a result of doing my own sessions! By doing my own work I discovered why I did the things I did all my life (often repeating the same things that were causing me problems without even realizing it).  I know a sense of freedom that I never even thought possible. I would love to help you find this freedom too!

Hypnotherapy done in the way I practice is not controlling, it is empowering. In a session, you will be fully aware, always AWAKE, always able to move around, to decide for yourself what you will and will not say. I will be working with you, not doing the work for you. I will help guide you through the process.

We will work together to try and find the root of the problem(s) in your life. We will recognize what you feel, why you feel it, and help you make appropriate changes to thought patterns that are not serving you in a productive way. You and I will be working as a team together to help you find clarity, peace, and resolution to issues you may have thought you would always have to live with.

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* Medical conditions may require a doctor’s referral *