Learning How to Feel Your Feelings

Many of us are walking around not having any idea how to actually feel our feelings. This process of emotionally integrative hypnotherapy will teach you the importance of acknowledging your feelings, and how to actually FEEL them! Negative feelings can take over your thoughts and cause you to lose clarity in your life. Without clarity it is difficult to make good decisions for the right reasons. Our emotions are far more powerful than our thoughts and too often we are taught to “stuff” our feelings down inside, or ignore them as if they would go away (in reality they only grow and become more deeply ingrained within us). During your sessions with me, we will acknowledge your feelings, welcome them in and find the message they have for you, to help you get to the root cause of whatever issue you are having. We will use EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique–see the FAQ page for a description of EFT) as well as visualizations, and breathing, to help you really connect your mind with your body and bring to the surface any negative feeling that has been keeping you from living your best life.

We have negative feelings because something in our life has happened to make us feel that way.  It is important to recognize and respect those bad feelings so that they do not compound and make us believe a story about ourselves that simply is not true. It is possible and HEALTHY to open up to feel negative feelings, find out why you feel that way, and realize a new way of viewing things so that you can have wholeness and love for the person you are…the person you really are.

The best part? I will teach you how to successfully use EFT as well as other tools to bring you back to a centered place so that you can use them on your own when you are not in session with me. I will teach you how to recognize the feeling when it is a whisper and welcome it in, showing your subconscious mind it is safe to feel your feelings so you can reach a peaceful place.

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